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Vishy Vishy Vishy...

Vishing calls are interesting. This was today's attempt to gain a recording of my voice stating 'yes' or 'sure' or 'of course.' And PII, if possible. Apparently, Southwest Airlines has a brand new office near me in the middle of the biggest city around - but not near the airport ("you know where that street is, right?").

To celebrate the new office opening, the nice lady said Southwest was gifting me with a free round trip ticket to and from anywhere in the US ("that's exciting, isn't it?"). All I had to do was answer a few questions about my personal information ("that's okay, isn't it?"), and when I attended the office's grand opening I could pick up my FREE tickets. When I hung up, she called back twice. Too bad I was no longer accepting calls. I rarely listen to these scams for any length of time, but was curious so played with it for a couple minutes. How would you have responded to her questions?