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Gone Smishing Lately?*

Yesterday - which may be last week by the time I post this - a Facebook friend asked for my thoughts on an SMS text received from an unknown-to-them organization. You know where this is going, right?

Yes, it was a scam. Nowadays, virtually no legit requests come unsolicited through phone messages from strangers. This one asked my buddy to click a link hosted by a Zimbabwe construction company's website, which has existed just over a year and has 86 subdomains which are all iterations of 'more-fb-agiantstringofnumbers.websitename.zw'. Nothing hinky about that, eh? Naw. The email sending link appears to be from a legit payment card company, based in the UK, which probably mean its' email was spoofed. Protect your phone numbers along with the rest of your PII (personally identifiable information), folks. The world does not need to know how to contact you at 2 a.m.

*Smishing is not fishing. It is however similar to phishing.