*Start here, everyone
Create a baseline: know where you stand today
- website, social media, OSINT research


*All vulnerabilities patched? Great!
Let's test to be sure...


*Are your employees 'immunized' against smooth talking callers, visitors, and emails?
Phishing, vishing, physical assessments and more


*Urgent and emergency consultations
When nothing makes sense, and you need answers
- security research, profiling, data / incident analyses


*Employees don't know what they don't know
- for businesses starting their cyber security journey



For Corporations, Non-Profits, and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)


We use industry standard, open source (OSINT) online vulnerability assessment tools to gather information pertaining to your business that are freely and legally available to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Want to know what your competitors (and neighbors) can learn about you online? Without a warrant? Without hacking into your website or accounts? This is your cyber security baseline.

Tell us what is most important to you. If you have specific concerns, we'll concentrate our search on that type of data.

** Basic assessments cover information discovered in about two hours. There is no guarantee intended nor implied that we will find everything online pertaining to you and/or your business.  In-depth assessments take longer, and are priced accordingly.


We then generate an understandable, actionable report which includes documentation of potential cyber security risks uncovered during the research phase. This includes screenshots, links, photos, and other reference material that we believe is appropriate. A phone appointment is scheduled for discussion of client questions.


Remediation suggestions and recommendations are provided in the report, for immediate and/or long term implementation.
You know how to run your business or organization. We'll suggest process improvements to better protect you and your customers' data.


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