GCSS has nearly eighty years combined experience in information technology and cyber security, resulting in eclectic skillsets useful in a wide variety of investigations. We specialize in intuitive metadata analysis, deliver comprehensive reports understandable by C-suite and technical personnel, and often see the future before most thought leaders.

Industry giants and innovators, military installations, state and federal institutions, the health care sector, television studios and small businesses have been our employers and clients. In addition, we have lobbied at the state capitol, spoken in legislative hearings, and provided bill analyses to non-profits and the public sector. Our profiling and legal research skills have assisted attorneys during jury trial selection, and development of both plaintiff and defendant strategies. 


We offer special assistance to small and some medium sized businesses (SMBs), which are categorically the organizations least prepared for cyber and social engineering attacks - and most often victimized.  Proactive strategies and tools are noted in our site blog; low cost basic vulnerability scans are available for certain situations.

Please inquire for specifics.

We also partner with Wizer Training to provide no and low cost security awareness training to your employees.


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